Our trip did not start well. Our arrival in the Casablanca airport was one we will never forget. My American partner has attended many college football games and public function that involved large numbers of people, but has never experienced the cattle drive that was at the Morocco Immigration. Hundreds of people were pushing and shoving, we expected someone to get hurt. We will tell all to avoid Casablanca airport and better to arrive in country by ferry from Europe.

I never expected that much people in the Immigration. Immigration queue move slowly. There were about 9 windows in the Immigration but only 3 windows were open and people were flocking trying to push one another.  It took us more than an hour before our passports stamped.

I thought we were already done through the waiting process from the Immigration queue but our agony haven’t done yet. We ended up waiting for another one hour to claim our luggage. When the carousel started running and  bags started coming out and I haven’t seen our luggage my heart stopped beating thinking that our luggage might have been lost but luckily after an hour of standing and waiting our luggage were one of the belt.

Going out in the Casablanca airport arrival area was another nightmare for us. The queue was horrible, passengers pushing their carts trying to cut lines to pass you.

Casablanca airport is the worst airport I have ever been.


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