Every year Scott Kelby organises a worldwide photowalk wherein photographers (professionals, photo-enthusiasts, hobbyist) all over the word gather on the same day to explore, photograph and share photos with one another, make new friends, and be part of the great cause to support The Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage, an organization that feeds, houses, educates and empowers young orphans so that they can grow up not just to survive but succeed. There are awesome prizes for the selected winners and a Flickr group wherein photographers who participated in the photowalk all over the world share the images taken that day.

Last year I participated in Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk powered by Cebu Republic. There is no fee or payment of any sort. All you need is to bring your camera, bottle of water, hat, and wear comfortable clothes and shoes and you set to go. After we met at the Capitol in Cebu, Philippines our team leader gave us an overview about what we should do before we started our walk.

Cebu City Capitol

I am not a professional photographer and being able to join in such a noble event and shooting in the streets was fun, you’re able to help and at the same time having great time  with  people of same interests as yours, sharing thoughts, meeting new friends and able to build up my confidence in shooting street photography.

Here are some of my photos taken during my photowalk last year:

I am a bit timid in shooting people. I don’t have any idea, since this was my first time. Shooting people in the streets is quite intimidating and one of the biggest challenge for myself. After composing myself I finally I got the guts to approach the guy and ask him if I could take his picture, he smiled at me as a signal of saying yes.

The Coconut Vendor.  He was talking to his customer while I took this photo.
A focus on his hand while scraping the coconut meat.
A coconut vendor breaking open a tender coconut within a matter of minutes.
Street near Ayala Cebu, Philippines
Ouch that hurts!
Construction workers
No one bothers to read me.
I will wait you here.
Out for a ride on a Saturday morning.
Say Cheese!
Children selling candles outside the Cebu Cathedral.


I was glad that I was able to join this event, It was truly a learning experience for me. This year I would be joining again the Worldwide Photo Walk for A Great Cause!


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