I love October  and is my favorite month of the year because:

  • It  just happens to be my birth month.


  • Is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I am a great supporter of this cause. I started this advocacy year 2012. I run to show love and support for women who are battling for cancer. Despite the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, they mustered the courage and strength to run each day. They inspire me and are my source of  motivation when I am having a mental breakdown running. I run for those who can not run and help to fight cancer.



  • It’s Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk. It is the World’s Largest Photowalk Event for a cause. The worldwide Photo Walk supports The Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage, an organization that feeds, houses, educates and empowers young orphans so that they can grow up to not just survive but succeed. I love photography and I always  look forward to this event every year to take part and joined my fellow enthusiasts in photography.


  • It is the start of Masskara Festival here in the Philippines. The festival features a street dance competition where people from all walks of life troop to the streets to see colorful masked dancers to the rhythm of Latin musical beats.


  • The stores started selling Xmas trees and decor. Some households already have their Christmas  tree up. Weird right? but here in the Philippines Christmas has already been present in some parts of the island going back a month, to the middle or even start of September.  Shops have already have decorations up, the indoor shopping malls adorned in various Christmas themes. The Philippines has the longest Christmas season of any nation or culture in the world and my favorite part if the sales and bazaars  where I could shop till I drop. 🙂
  • It’s  Halloween Party! Going to a Halloween party and to dress up is fun. 🙂
Me flying on my broomstick
Me as a witch ekk…ekk..ek..ekk….

What about you? Do you have something in mind why you love October?  What are you looking forward to in October. It would be nice to hear something from you guys. 🙂




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6 thoughts on “I LOVE OCTOBER BECAUSE…”

  1. I love October too! Because… when you have kids the insanity of September is over and you can settle in a little, it’s usually pretty nice weather in Calgary, the fall leaves are beautiful, bonus 4 day Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada (because I don’t work Fri’s and the kids are off- yay!) and I totally agree – Halloween! PS: I love your witch photo!


  2. How I wish we have autumn here in the Philippines. The magical colors of autumn is very fascinating. October is rainy season here in the Philippines, feels like autumn as well in the afternoon. The weather turns to be a bit chilly. 🙂


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