Most of us would like to travel the world but afraid to do so because of this kind of reasoning and thinking ” I HAVE NO MONEY”, ” I AM NOT RICH, I CAN NOT AFFORD TO TRAVEL.” I am fully aware that we need to have money to travel but do we really need to be rich to travel the world? Absolutely NOT!


When I started my travel journey with my partner in 2012, I met travellers along the road who were able to travel spontaneously without worrying and some even quit their jobs. Question is how they were able to make money and sustain their travel lifestyle? With thorough reading, researched and interacting with travellers I’ve met along the way, I was able to compile some of their useful tips on how to earn money while travelling abroad.


  • Teach English Abroad – Teaching English Abroad is one of the most common ways to earn money. Many companies hire fluent English-speaking speaker to work full-time or part-time.

***You can teach English in Thailand  which is very in demand***

In Thailand, you’re qualified to teach English if you’re a native speaker and have a degree from a four-year university, plus a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Languages) or TESOL certificate ( Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). A master’s degree, preferably in education, is compulsory to teach at the university level. Teaching English in Thailand without a degree isn’t really possible. If you don’t have a TEFL certification and want to avoid getting one, you can still teach in Thailand as volunteer.

http://www.volunteeringsolutions.com ( The last way for the first time traveler and experienced adventurers alike to explore Thailand ).

Most teachers start around 30,000 Thai Baht per month (about $1,000 USD) which is a comfortably salary.

  • Be A Travel Photographer – Working in this area are very abundant as long as you are willing to work hard and diversify your skills. There are many ways to make a living with travel photography but the first step is to get out into the world and shoot. If you like photography and if you  are good at it why not give it a try.  Try to offer your services to companies in travel and tourism industries in exchange for a free accommodation. Offer some photography workshop classes and teach people basic and different techniques in taking photos.


  • Sell Your Photos – One way of earning is by selling your travel photos.  Share your work online  for exposure if you are just starting out.

 Sites to sell your photos online

  • Work in Hostels and Hotels – Offer your services by working in hotels like a housekeeping staff, receptionist, driver  in exchange for free accommodation and some free food as well which is not bad at all.


  • Work As Fruit Pickers – This is a seasonal job but very popular among backpackers. You should apply for this job before the harvest season begins

http://www.pickingjobs.com ( Seasonal Work & Harvest Job Around the World )

  • Accept Massage Therapist Service – If you are a certified massage therapist you can offer your services to clients travelling along the way or offer your services to spas and resorts giving them a cut for referring customers.

However some other countries have their own qualifications. Like such as in Ireland they are self-regulating. You can not work in Ireland as massage therapist without a work permit unless you are a European citizen.

  • Work on your own spare time BE A BLOGGER – Blogging is not easy and needs a lot of dedication and time in writing useful articles to catch the interest of your audience.  Write something that you are passionate about, write from the heart. Just don’t give up it takes time.  Once you create a traffic and able to attract an audience then you can start monetizing your blogs.


  • Work As A Virtual Assistant –If you have the skills in organising appointments, event, clerical work then offer your services doing some errand works like transcribing their recorded notes, scheduling media updates etc.


  • Work on a Cruise Ship – This is one of the most popular career that allow you to travel with free food and accommodation and the most rewarding part is you paid to travel and see beautiful places.


  • Work as a Flight Attendant – Be a flight attendant, get paid to travel. What an awesome job.  One of my ambition but the dream job was never meant for me. I am not gifted with height. 🙂


Don’t wait for the money to come before you travel. It takes guts, determination, skills, passion, commitment, talent, specialised training and knowledge to make a living on your journey to travel perpetually the world.


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