Hi Everyone, I just came back from Hong Kong for a short holidays and has been busy for a while. Now I am back and wishing  everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

However, I was quite upset by the news from a dearest friend MARIAM who is battling for breast cancer now.


Breast cancer is one of the biggest killers of women around the world. It affects mothers, daughters, friends, relative and colleagues. As a friend, I can just stand and do nothing for her. I am raising a fund campaign for her. My goal is to raise PHP250,000.00 or more by selling a t-shirts through BONFIRE.COM (design your own t-shirts, sell and raise money for a cause).

Mariam has been diagnosed with second stage breast cancer and currently undergoing chemotherapy which is extremely expensive. Mariam is a single parent to two  growing up teenagers. As a mother I can feel her pain.  She  will do anything to fight cancer. Mariam is a strong, kind and loving person. Her positive attitude in life keeps her going despite of being diagnosed with breast cancer. However, treating cancer isn’t cheap, doctor and clinic visits; imaging tests like X-rays, MRIs, radiation treatments, hospital stays, surgery and home care. We will be holding fundraising projects and raise money for her medical and chemotherapy needs, but my campaign in BONFIRE.COM ( click on the link)  is s a start. Please help us to raise this money for my friend Mariam. By buying the t-shirt in an ample amount you are helping and giving her a  HOPE to live.

Proceeds from the t-shirts sold will go directly to help ease the mounting medical costs.

Thank you for helping in this attempt.

Help spread the word!


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