I know you already heard of Hachicko the faithful dog. A very famous dog where he has his own statue next to Shibuya Train Station in Tokyo where everyday hundreds of people have their photographed taken with him.

Dogs get all the praise for being loving, loyal and constant companions, but it’s about time that cats get some credit too. Cats may not show it as often, but cats respect and love their owners too.

Just like “BUDDY” the cat I’ve met during my stay in Holland Village Singapore. I really don’t know his real name but I call him Buddy because his been my constant companion in the  Holland Park.


He is not that famous as Bone Bone the fluffy cat from Thailand who gained lot of attentions and followers in the instagram but Buddy is a special kitten too. Why I said so?

  •  He likes being pet.



  • He is a very affectionate kitten and very loyal to his master.
  • Everyday, he would sit down on the bench in the park while waiting for his human to return from work.


Everytme I passed by in the park, I see to it that I gave some of my time to Buddy to cuddle and pet him. We developed a special bond together.  There were times  he would purr and meow and lay on my lap for me to pet him and it made me feel really loved.

Cats  indeed are very loyal creatures too, however whether they are faithful or loyal to their owners does also depends on cat’s personality, living situation, and the bond that they have with their humans but for the most part cats are known to form a strong attachments with their humans.

Getting loyalty or faithfulness from a cat requires giving it first. If you take some time to give your time and create a daily routine for the cat, show genuine interest and give them affection. Cat seeks out to give you attention in return, or ask for your affection as the cat will come to enjoy your time spent together. Whether the cat follows you or sit nearby to keep a watchful eye on you, you can rest assured that you and your cat have a bond that will last just like BUDDY and I.

With my short stay in Singapore, I developed a special bond with Buddy, it was hard to say goodbye to him when it was time for me to go back to the Philippines. Buddy is a special friend but I know we will see each other again 🙂


If by chance you’re able to pass by in the Holland Village Park try to give some of your time and pet Buddy, he would like it and love you FURVER 🙂


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