After spending some time in Ilaya Highland Resort in Patag, the kids and I decided to trek  to PulanTubig Waterfall. Pulang Tubig is one of the beautiful attractions of Patag which is very popular for its beautiful surroundings and unspoilt nature.

You can hire a tour guide for 250php to go trekking to this fall which is about an hour’s trek from Patag.

Patag is a small village that is popularly known as the last stronghold of the Japanese Imperial Forces during the second world war. It is also known as the pre-war site of a hospital for recuperating patients suffering from tuberculosis. It is now the favorite destinations of locals and tourists alike. Due to its altitude the cool weather has remained a perfectly good reason for nature lover to hike to the cool mountains of Patag.

Trekking the fall is quite an adventure and fun. We had to trek through the jungle were a real sight to behold. I love rainforest and jungle. I could not imagine a world where I was not surrounded by the beauty of the trees.


The trek can be arduous at times we needed to wade through the cool water of a stream.


Jumped from one boulders to another. Some of the boulders are also very slippery so be sure to bring footwear with good tread.


Hurdled over green bushes and trees.


Had to be careful while walking along some pretty steep hillsides.


The trek is pretty demanding but manageable amid spectacular views as the scenery continuously changes, traveling to the impressive Pulang Tubig waterfall. After an hour of  gruelling zigzag trek up a rewarding view awaits. One can not hear any sound other than the roar of the falling water. The sight of the water falling in great volume or from mighty height is a beautiful sight.

The beauty and charisma of this waterfall is so immense. Its natural beauty and soothing effect is always exceptionally terrific for almost everyone. I could feel the power, hear the roar of the grandiose waterfall hitting the river. The cool mist sprinkled my skin was truly an encompassing sensory experience.


The waters flowing over the cascade become so irresistible, and you can not help but get inside the waters just for a small dip at least. The entire scene is really hypnotic and pulls you closer.


Nature in its purest form is all we need to heal any worrying and ailing soul. Sometimes this is all we need…. to unplug and connect with nature. 





If you are looking for a quick getaway after a stressful and busy day check out the newly opened resort that’s quite popular already among Silaynon – the Ilaya Highland Resort.



Tucked away in the quiet country side just 40 minutes from Silay City proper Ilaya Highland Resort offers a total seclusion while remaining in easy reach of many famous tourist sights. The location of this luxury resort is nothing short of fabulous with the resort perched high up on a hillside overlooking the mountains  surrounding Patag.



The resort is a perfect getaway for couples, friends and families wanting to enjoy time together in the countryside.DSCF3541.jpg



The infinity pool is one of the main attraction of the resort which offers a beautiful mountainous  backdrop. It tends to get crowded especially on weekends and holidays.


Pool bar still a work on progress.

Resort Policy:

  1. Outside food and drinks can not be brought into the premises of the resort. The resort has its own restaurant which serve a variety of food to please every palate.
  2. All persons entering the pool area will be charged an admission fee. Please present the ticket to the lifeguard at the pool. All swimmers must shower before entering the pool. The use of proper swimwear is strictly observed in the swimming pool. Lifeguards are authorised to enforce all safety rules and facility policies posted or otherwise approved by the management.

The resort is a work on progress so for the time being overnight stay is not available however the management has a future plans of building glamping pods and villas.


INHALE the fresh mountain air and EXHALE your worries. Received an inclusive EXPERIENCE you deserved only at  Ilaya Highland Resort.












Negros is an Island in the Philippines which is the fourth largest in the country with a land area of 5,137.87 sqmi. Negros is one of the many islands that comprise the Visayas, which forms the central division of the nation ( source Wikipedia).

Negros is a beautiful island surrounded by rugged mountains, pristine beaches, beautiful underwater coral gardens that must be added to your bucket list on your next travel. Travelling and exploring the hidden gems of Negros is fun with friendly locals who are very accommodating and extremely welcoming. An added bonus, it is very cheap to travel in Negros, surely you will have a great value for your money 🙂

I am sharing this travel experience of a friend of mine “Pobreng Lagaan (The Poor Traveller)” around Negros. Check this out!


This restless soul of mine was delighted after our two days of tremendous quest of some Negros’ hidden gems. Those picturesque scenarios at Puncak Tan-awan, Balinsasayao Twin Lakes, Casaroro Falls and Forest Camp are just too few to showcase the real beauty of Negros Oriental but it already convince myself to say  “Chada gid ang Negros Bai” ( Negros is Beautiful My Friend).


Getting around Negros was actually one of the most incredible experienced I had so far.  It was Saturday when everyone was already set for our Negros adventure except me.  Having a second thoughts I decided to go after them. It was almost 12:00 noon when I boarded the bus from Tabunoc going to Liloan Port. After four hours of travel with massive commuters from Baruganay to Show and Tabunok to Oslob) finally I arrived at my destination. From the port I bought a ticket and sailed in a fast craft  going to Sibulan. It took me 45 minutes to arrive from Oslob port to Sibulan Port. It was very relaxing to feel the gentle sway of the boat but honestly I was a bit scared. I  was anxious a feeling of fear where an emotion that evolved to keep us safe from danger. Good thing the boat did not sink haha.


I sighed in relief when finally I arrived at the drop-off point. I flag down a habal-habal ( a motorcycle modified to seat more than two persons. It is in use in provinces in the Philippines where jeepneys and tricycles cannot stand the rough, steep terrain and narrow roads) to bring me to Puncak Tan-awan. You need to register before you can get to the Peak. They offered to drive me going to the peak since it was already late.  It would take me an hour and thirty minutes to reach the top of the peak but I opted to not to. Trekking is a healthy physical exercise that creates a wonderful experience. It provides me an opportunity to slow down and disconnect into the chaotic world. Besides it was fun and I love the stillness and calm of an empty trail. The trek to the peak was easy. It took me an hour to trek the peak but going uphill needed an extra precautions to avoid slipping. 



When I finally reached the camp where my friends are I was extremely happy. It was a great feeling.




Silay City my hometown, is a third class city in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines. It is often referred to as the “Paris of Negros because of its rich heritage history, well-preserved arts, cultures and Spanish colonial houses.

Aside from heritage houses, Silay has so much to offer both for tourists and locals alike. There are breathtaking sights to see which is perfect to put on your instagram profile!

So here are some of  Silay City most-instagram-worthy spot. All you have to do is grab your phone or camera to capture the moment.



Silay Spanish colonial houses located along Cinco de Noviembre Street that have been long a sightseeing attractions for tourists. 29 of these ancestral houses considered heritage treasures by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP).


This is one of the underrated spot in Silay.  This spot is located right in front of Silay City Hall beside the San Diego Parish church.  Wear your OOTD and snap a picture at this iconic statues.



You don’t have to go to Rome to post for a picture of their famous churches. The San Diego Parish Church proves to have those structures comparable to Rome churches. This church is unique in Negros Occidental for being the only church in the province featuring a cupola or dome.



Mangrove eco park is located in Balaring. The park consists of a long bamboo walkways that winds through a forest of Mangrove trees which the local government and residents have constructed for easier access. This is one of Silay tourist attractions.

Inside the mangrove eco park is so cool and calm, the shades will sparing you from the sun’s glare. The view is relaxing and admiring. It is a little sanctuary where you can feel serenity, tranquility, and a gateway, out into the open seas.

Mangroves play a vital role in establishing the slightest ecological imbalance. Mangroves not only help in preventing soil erosion but also act as catalyst in reclaiming land from seas.IMG_1882


Balaring is a small barangay or village located kilometres away from the city proper, with panoramic sea view, stunning sunset and an array of seafood restaurants.

Each one of us loves a good sunset. Balaring is an amazing place to sit back, relax and enjoy as the sun slowly bids goodbye to the day that is just flown by.



The place is surrounded by greenery and fresh air.  The scenery is so beautiful. You felt you are being transported into a paradise realm where the Earth is still pure and fresh and nourishing. 


The zigzag drive going to Lantawan view and Patag is very scenic.  The landscape is very picturesque and the drive is definitely worth it. People stop here to take photos. I would say this is a dream destination for every photographers. So don’t forget to bring your camera.IMG_1929.JPG


Patag is a small village that is popularly known as the last stronghold of the Japanese Imperial Forces during the second world war.  It is also known as the pre-war site of a hospital for recuperating patients suffering from tuberculosis.

Patag is know the favorite destinations of locals and tourists. Due to its altitude the cool weather has remained a perfectly good reason for people to hike to the cool mountains of Patag.



The place is not far from the centre of Silay City but secluded enough for relaxing surrounded by nature. The place is a blissful sanctuary which reminds me of Bali Indonesia. The place is absolutely lovely surrounded with big towering old trees.

So the next time you visit Silay City, check out theses places and don’t forget to bring your camera to take nice photos and post away 🙂


Local and tourists alike flocked to the street of Silay City, Negros Occidental to witness the most grandeurs street dance competition in celebration of the city’s charter day. The Hugyaw Silay Kansilay Festival is the main highlight of the week-long celebration of Silay 60th anniversary which runs from June 6 – 12, 2017. The festival was derived from the story of Kansilay which also the etymology of the city’s name.


The festival is an annual street dance competition wherein participants from 16 barangays or villages wear a colorful costumes made from indigenous materials while they performed gracefully and lively  in the tune of Asenso Silay. The streets filled with a festive atmosphere as the crowd cheer for their own bet.






After showing the dance steps in the streets, the contingents compete in the dance show down at the Silay City plaza covered court wherein they can showcase their creativity and artistry as they swinged and moved energetically to the rhythm of the music.




TRIVIA: KANSILAY a local legend tells of how Silay got it name. It is said that in the days of the datus and rajahs, there once lived a princess named Kansilay. An attack on the settlement by pirates thwarted when princess bravely led the people in the village’s defense. The fight was furious and the princess fought like a seasoned warrior. Murals that used to grace some of the city’s building depict her as a fierce fighter wielding a huge talibong, a short native single-edged sword. The pirates routed, but the cost of the princess’ life. Her paramour arrived in time to see her die. In grief, the people lovingly buried her. To their surprise, a tree grew over her grave, the first Kansilay tree, a final gift from the brave princess. (source Wikipedia)





TRIVIA: Silay became a chartered city on June 12, 1957 by virtue of Republic Act 1621.


The increasing popularity of the Hugyaw Kansilay Festival year after year is a testimony of Silay’s strength as one key player in the tourism industry.






KAON TA LIWAT Food Festival is part of the week-long celebration of Silay City 60th anniversary which runs from June 6-12, 2017. The food festival was launched in November 5, 2016 during the Cinco de Noviembre Commemoration. The said food festival showcasing the local homemade cuisines and food delicacies of the town help  boost the tourism industry of Silay.


Aside from culture, arts and heritage, FOOD is considered as one of the major pillars of the tourism industry.  Silay is not only a home for heritage houses but also a melting pot of sumptuous local cuisines and mouth-watering native delicacies.

Disclaimer: Video not mine taken from the Facebook page of Kaon Ta Food Festival

The food festival opens at 8:00 a.m. and run until night-time for two consecutive days (June 10-11, 2017) at Balay Negrense Museum ballpark displaying an array of delicacies and homemade cuisines. The said event is a good venue for family bonding and get together as well. Filipinos love to eat and food is the basis of our social life and is a huge part of Filipino culture.

Here are some of the photos that I took during the food festival this morning.

TURON also known as lumpiyang saging is a Philippine snack made of thinly sliced bananas, dusted with brown sugar, rolled in a spring roll wrapper and fried.


UKOY is the Filipino version of shrimp fritters. Small shrimps mixed in a batter and fried until crispy. This can be an appetizer, a main dish, or a mid afternoon snack.
BUTCHE is a rice cake made from sweet rice flour that  folded into shape with a sweet paste filling and sesame seed coating.
GULAMAN ENSALADA (SEAWEEDS SALAD)  is a type of Filipino salad that makes use of edible seaweed as its main ingredients.

Filipinos like condiments and fond of dipping on or pairing anything with our dishes. Eating oysters would not be perfect without dipping it into vinegar with chilli, ginger and garlic.

CHICKEN INASAL is a popular dish from the city. It is not marinated or prepared like the usual chicken barbecue found in the rest of the country.

Aside from food and delicacies there are also souvenirs items being sold made by local artists of Silay like ref magnets, key chains made of lutak or clay, wire sculpture of Ian Valladarez.

KAON TA LIWAT SILAY FOOD FESTIVAL is more than just an opportunity to try the Silaynon delectable food and learn about Silaynon culture. This is an invitation for the community and visitors to come, eat and be a part of the celebration. A great opportunity to come out and support our local food business industries as well.

Whether you are a serious foodies or just curious to learn more of the heritage tour this is the event that everyone must look forward to every year and something that everyone should come out and experience.




There is no better way to explore Silay City, Negros Occidental  than our winding, curvy mountains road to Patag and to the majestic view of the Lantawan Peak.  The road going up to Lantawan Peak is clean and surrounded by mountains of green, tall trees and sugar cane plantations that can be seen along the side. Negros Occidental is the Philippines’ major sugar producer, contributing over half to the country’s total production. 




As you approach the top you will be in awe by the beauty and simplicity of rural life. It was a quiet scenic ride all the way up to Lantawan View Silay. At the top, there is a campground and a distance away is the forest seedling of mahogany trees. The mahogany tree (Swietenia mahagoni) is a large tropical tree with a semievergreen growth habit.


Towering Mahogany Trees
Towering Mahogany Trees
Camping Ground

Due to its popularity and known for its view that overlooks the Lantawan Peak, the owner decided to put up an accommodation offering a tent-style accommodations and a basic cottages.  The place has a bathroom for male and female where you can take a shower and a small store that offers small bites for snack.  They have a wide space to park your 4  or 2 wheels service as well.

Dining Fly
Camping Tent


A Frame Cottage


In preserving the beauty of the place, visitors and guests are not allowed to pick flowers and carving trees.






The best part of our road trip was seeing the majestic mountains of Lantawan Peak surrounded by greenery and fresh air was truly amazing. The scenery is so beautiful, no words can describe how I felt that day. I felt I transported into a paradise realm where the Earth is still pure, fresh and nourishing. The view was just so amazing that I stood glued by the beauty of the mountains. I was totally captivated by its grandeur.





Lantawan Peak is the northernmost peak of Mount Silay. The peak is largely uninhabited, especially its back country Southern side. Likely most of the peak of the mountain, Lantawan is largely covered by forest.  The first recorded climb of the peak done by Joseph Victor Magdato, Mark Anthony Maja and John Paul Salcedo who scaled it on October 3, 2005.


Elevation (feet) is 3,442. Latitude: 10 49 58.44″. Longitude: 123 14’9.96″




It was almost late in the afternoon when we headed back to the city, as we descend I saw beautiful flame trees (fire trees, Delonix regia) along the side of the road. It is a flowering tree that grows in many tropical parts of the world, like the Philippines. 



The leaves of the tree look like Fire. It is red, yellow and orange. So beautiful to see. How the shade and the sun connect. It  makes me felt I was in a field of fire.



The sky turned into orange, yellow, red and blue and imagine strolling through these trees with leaves the color of fire. I just wish everything just stop. It was amazing. Orange, yellow, red all different colors  really made me felt warm inside as I said goodbye to this beautiful country side of my home town.


I am going back someday…..


This is not a docu short about rituals of faith during the Semana Santa. I and Hannah did this story about a hacienda and a beauty queen. Hacienda Adela, a sugar plantation tucked between mountains and sea in the Philippine city of Silay – also known as the “Paris of Negros” island – the region’s cultural center. It is home to sacadas (migrant workers) and dumaans (originals), who have managed to preserve centuries-old Roman Catholic traditions, including saying chants in Latin, even by those workers who have not reached secondary school. Miss Culture World Rizza Paula Lacson is seeking to discover heritage worth preserving. When the past and present, old and new meet, and intersect, heritage reveals itself – Julius Marvels.

Holy Week in the Philippines is a significant religious observance for the Roman Catholic majority and most Protestant groups. It begins on Palm Sunday and continues Maundy Thursday, when businesses in the Philippines either shut down operations until Black Sunday or have the late opening and earlier closing times. Many communities observe Spanish influenced Catholic rituals such as processions, with many having been syncretized with pre-Hispanic beliefs. This is evident practices and many superstitions associated with the occasion.

The recitation of chanting of the Passion story of Jesus -the Pabasa ng Pasyon – is one of the oldest Holy Week traditions in the Philippines. Since 17th century believers have gathered that week to pray by singing or reading a story of the Passion of Jesus of epic singing that predates’s rise in the Philippines. In some urban areas in the Philippines, Pabasa ng Pasyon is a declining traditions, but there are always people who make a panata (vow) to participate and such practice remains strong in HACIENDA ADELA in Silay City, Negros Occidental. They are the living heritage. The folks continue to practice these oral traditions so that the younger generation can still experience them in the future.


Experience Christmas Village in Silay City, its joyful atmosphere with thousands of glittering Christmas lights, colorful lanterns or referred as “parol” in Filipino lingo, creative Christmas decorations and manger displayed all over the plaza that will truly bring you and your family into the perfect Christmas mood. A Nights of Shimmering Lights a great place to meet up with friends, stroll along with family, loved ones and take pictures.





What is Christmas Village? 

The time of the year wherein the communities start making their Christmas lanterns, holiday decor and “Christmas arko” ( arko is a Silaynon symbol for welcome and the hope of the Silaynons for a more progressive future) being displayed in Silay City Plaza for the Yuletide Season to show their craftsmanship and creativity.

This year the participating communities and barangay who are vying for the awards expected to join the theme “Masanag nga Paskwa sa Pag-asenso sang Dakbanwa” ( A Bright Christmas For A Progressive City). Lanterns, Christmas decor and arko are made of recyclable materials and Mountain Dew plastic bottles.











Christmas Village has been a long tradition which started  as early as 1840 with the aim to beautify the plaza and bring together the community during the Yuletide season which continually grown over the years.

Exactly 7:30 P.M. on December 11, 2016 the plaza illuminated with twinkling lights followed by the “Employees Christmas Extravaganza” a show that brings together favorite Disney heroes, princess and villains. After the show was the fireworks display shining in the sky. So beautiful to watch!



I Hope you enjoy my photos of our Christmas Village, and that  every one of you have a very Merry Christmas!


“Go Ahead You Never Know What Could Be On The Other Side”

We did not have a plan to cross the sea and go to Guimaras. Our plan was to go back to Bacolod the following day after our long and tiring trip to GarinFarm and Iloilo City. But an unplanned road trip sometimes is the most thrilling part of adventures right? You don’t know exactly where are you going, just packed your clothes, go and get lost. It doesn’t matter where you go, it’s the experience not the destination that counts.

The last thing we knew, we already boarded a ferry heading to Guimaras Island after our breakfast in the hotel. Guimaras Island is one of the top destinations in the Philippines both by foreign and domestic tourists, especially for nature lovers and adventure seekers like me. The island of Guimaras always stands out as one of the travel destination in the Philippines because of its white sandy beaches, quaint little towns, bike trails, and off shore islets. Guimaras Island is  known as the home of the sweetest mangoes. Just a short trivia. Did you know that Guimaras mangoes earned its reputation as the sweetest mangoes in the world after being served at the White House and Buckingham Palace?

Guimaras is an island province of the Philippines located in the Western Visayas region. It’s capital is Jordan which is the gateway to Guimaras. The island is located in the Panay Gulf, between the islands of Panay and Negros.

Iloilo is the primary gateway to Guimaras. The island province is 15 minutes by motorboat or ferry ( Php14.00 per head) from Parola and Ortiz Wharf in Downtown Iloilo City.

Once we boarded and settled on the boat we took some selfie pictures. 🙂 It was a lovely smooth sailing boat ride. The views are very scenic, at a distance, I saw a large cross on top of one of the islets of Guimaras. I asked the guy setting behind me what it was. He answered “it is a church and you need to climb the steps going up to the top of the mountain and it would take you two hours to go up and another two hours to  come down.” OH MY GOODNESS! I can’t imagine myself taking a trek like that.

Smile 🙂


One of the islets  in Guimaras that caught  my attention is the big cross on top of the mountain.
Inviting blue waters of Guimaras.

After 15 minutes of sailing, we finally arrived at our destination. Upon disembarking, I saw the sign “Welcome to Jordan the gateway to Guimaras”.

Jordan Wharf the gateway to Guimaras.

At the port entrance there are tricycle drivers, jeepneys and multi-cab operators waiting for passengers. We were  approached by a local  as we disembarked from the boat and were told  we needed to go to their Tourist Information Office to register. Inside there are maps of places you can choose to go and explore. After finalising where we would like to go, I asked one of the drivers  if he could bring us to places where we wanted to see. You need to haggle the price for the transportation.


A ride for the day to see the island of Guimaras would cost you about PHP1,500.00,  just try to haggle the price. If you do not rent the tricycle for the day, the  fare would be PHP50.00 per head one way.  Renting a tricycle one way may lead to no  tricycles available when it is time to return to the wharf.  The advantage of renting a tricycle as a group the driver would wait for you on your own convenience. I haggle the price for PHP1,000.00 and we both agreed on the price.

The adventure begins…we are on our road trip…yey!!!The road trip going to our destination is very scenic, beautiful dense trees  with some opening in the trees along the road  that provides lovely views of the surrounding landscapes.

Beautiful scenery on the road
Lush green forests


Our first stop is their little plaza or the smallest plaza ever recorded in Guinness Book of World Records. Their little plaza is just a few minutes from the port. The modest statue of Doctor Jose Rizal, our national hero is standing at the center of their plaza surrounded by circular porches.

Photo not mine. Taken from the internet. We just stopped bye here.
Photo not mine. Taken from the internet.

Our second stop is the  San Lorenzo Guimaras WindMills. The trip going to the WindMills was quite long, passing lush green towering trees and large mango plantations. The scenery is quite impressive and the road is well maintained. I was impressed at how progressive the little towns of Guimaras is in maintaining their roads.



The San Lorenzo WindMills, measuring at 80 meters tall and 40 meters wide on the other hand, rise like a skyscraper towering over everything. Each wind turbine blade is capable of generating 2 megawatts of electricity giving a total of 54 megawatts, more than enough to cater 13-megawatts power supply needed for the province. The remaining energy is used to power the neighbouring provinces – Iloilo and Negros Oriental.

Approaching San Lorenzo WindMills



After taking pictures in San Lorenzo WindMills we headed to Our Lady of the Philippines Trappist Monastery. This is a peaceful and sacred enclave in Guimaras run by the monks of the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance. These monks follow the rule of St. Benedict and are best known for extreme austerity or strictness that characterises their discipline.

On our way to Our Lady of the Philippines Trappist Monastery
Water Buffalo cooling of in the river.
Cow under the tree.

The Trappist Monastery in Guimaras was founded in 1972 and is the only men’s monastery in the Philippines.

The monks earn a living by selling souvenir items and food  such as jellies, jams, candies and playa (is a muscovado-filled unleavened flatbread from the Philippines especially common in Negros Occidental where it originated. It is made by filling dough with a mixture of muscovado and glucose syrup) and more which are sold in their small shop within the monastery grounds. When buying their products you are helping them earn and sustain their living.

It was already noon and our hungry tummies started singing, our driver brought us to the Raymen Beach Resort where we had our lunch. Entrance Fee is Php20.00 per head. As soon as we paid  the entrance fee we headed to their restaurant. It took us so long to call the attention of the waiters before we can order our food. The place was packed of people. The food is good enough to satisfy our angry belly he he.


Raymen Beach Resort, located in Alubihod Beach, is one of the popular resorts in Guimaras  both for locals and tourists. It has a short white sandy beach surrounded by the inviting blue waters, pristine off-shore islets of Nueva Valencia, Guimaras. This is an excellent jump-off point for Guimaras island hopping tours.


Our last stop is their  Guimaras Provincial  Capitol before heading back to the wharf in Jordan Guimaras where we posed on their iconic GUIMARAS  touristy spot. I guess you really have to stop here for a picture.


A souvenir photo with our nice, friendly,, entertaining and smiley  tricycle driver as we bid goodbye to him.

at the Jordan Wharf before heading back to Iloilo City.
On our way back to Iloilo City.
Goodbye Guimaras!

Till the next trip…we will see you again!!!