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Silay City my hometown, is a third class city in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines. It is often referred to as the “Paris of Negros because of its rich heritage history, well-preserved arts, cultures and Spanish colonial houses.

Aside from heritage houses, Silay has so much to offer both for tourists and locals alike. There are breathtaking sights to see which is perfect to put on your instagram profile!

So here are some of  Silay City most-instagram-worthy spot. All you have to do is grab your phone or camera to capture the moment.



Silay Spanish colonial houses located along Cinco de Noviembre Street that have been long a sightseeing attractions for tourists. 29 of these ancestral houses considered heritage treasures by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP).


This is one of the underrated spot in Silay.  This spot is located right in front of Silay City Hall beside the San Diego Parish church.  Wear your OOTD and snap a picture at this iconic statues.



You don’t have to go to Rome to post for a picture of their famous churches. The San Diego Parish Church proves to have those structures comparable to Rome churches. This church is unique in Negros Occidental for being the only church in the province featuring a cupola or dome.



Mangrove eco park is located in Balaring. The park consists of a long bamboo walkways that winds through a forest of Mangrove trees which the local government and residents have constructed for easier access. This is one of Silay tourist attractions.

Inside the mangrove eco park is so cool and calm, the shades will sparing you from the sun’s glare. The view is relaxing and admiring. It is a little sanctuary where you can feel serenity, tranquility, and a gateway, out into the open seas.

Mangroves play a vital role in establishing the slightest ecological imbalance. Mangroves not only help in preventing soil erosion but also act as catalyst in reclaiming land from seas.IMG_1882


Balaring is a small barangay or village located kilometres away from the city proper, with panoramic sea view, stunning sunset and an array of seafood restaurants.

Each one of us loves a good sunset. Balaring is an amazing place to sit back, relax and enjoy as the sun slowly bids goodbye to the day that is just flown by.



The place is surrounded by greenery and fresh air.  The scenery is so beautiful. You felt you are being transported into a paradise realm where the Earth is still pure and fresh and nourishing. 


The zigzag drive going to Lantawan view and Patag is very scenic.  The landscape is very picturesque and the drive is definitely worth it. People stop here to take photos. I would say this is a dream destination for every photographers. So don’t forget to bring your camera.IMG_1929.JPG


Patag is a small village that is popularly known as the last stronghold of the Japanese Imperial Forces during the second world war.  It is also known as the pre-war site of a hospital for recuperating patients suffering from tuberculosis.

Patag is know the favorite destinations of locals and tourists. Due to its altitude the cool weather has remained a perfectly good reason for people to hike to the cool mountains of Patag.



The place is not far from the centre of Silay City but secluded enough for relaxing surrounded by nature. The place is a blissful sanctuary which reminds me of Bali Indonesia. The place is absolutely lovely surrounded with big towering old trees.

So the next time you visit Silay City, check out theses places and don’t forget to bring your camera to take nice photos and post away 🙂


Local and tourists alike flocked to the street of Silay City, Negros Occidental to witness the most grandeurs street dance competition in celebration of the city’s charter day. The Hugyaw Silay Kansilay Festival is the main highlight of the week-long celebration of Silay 60th anniversary which runs from June 6 – 12, 2017. The festival was derived from the story of Kansilay which also the etymology of the city’s name.


The festival is an annual street dance competition wherein participants from 16 barangays or villages wear a colorful costumes made from indigenous materials while they performed gracefully and lively  in the tune of Asenso Silay. The streets filled with a festive atmosphere as the crowd cheer for their own bet.






After showing the dance steps in the streets, the contingents compete in the dance show down at the Silay City plaza covered court wherein they can showcase their creativity and artistry as they swinged and moved energetically to the rhythm of the music.




TRIVIA: KANSILAY a local legend tells of how Silay got it name. It is said that in the days of the datus and rajahs, there once lived a princess named Kansilay. An attack on the settlement by pirates thwarted when princess bravely led the people in the village’s defense. The fight was furious and the princess fought like a seasoned warrior. Murals that used to grace some of the city’s building depict her as a fierce fighter wielding a huge talibong, a short native single-edged sword. The pirates routed, but the cost of the princess’ life. Her paramour arrived in time to see her die. In grief, the people lovingly buried her. To their surprise, a tree grew over her grave, the first Kansilay tree, a final gift from the brave princess. (source Wikipedia)





TRIVIA: Silay became a chartered city on June 12, 1957 by virtue of Republic Act 1621.


The increasing popularity of the Hugyaw Kansilay Festival year after year is a testimony of Silay’s strength as one key player in the tourism industry.






KAON TA LIWAT Food Festival is part of the week-long celebration of Silay City 60th anniversary which runs from June 6-12, 2017. The food festival was launched in November 5, 2016 during the Cinco de Noviembre Commemoration. The said food festival showcasing the local homemade cuisines and food delicacies of the town help  boost the tourism industry of Silay.


Aside from culture, arts and heritage, FOOD is considered as one of the major pillars of the tourism industry.  Silay is not only a home for heritage houses but also a melting pot of sumptuous local cuisines and mouth-watering native delicacies.

Disclaimer: Video not mine taken from the Facebook page of Kaon Ta Food Festival

The food festival opens at 8:00 a.m. and run until night-time for two consecutive days (June 10-11, 2017) at Balay Negrense Museum ballpark displaying an array of delicacies and homemade cuisines. The said event is a good venue for family bonding and get together as well. Filipinos love to eat and food is the basis of our social life and is a huge part of Filipino culture.

Here are some of the photos that I took during the food festival this morning.

TURON also known as lumpiyang saging is a Philippine snack made of thinly sliced bananas, dusted with brown sugar, rolled in a spring roll wrapper and fried.


UKOY is the Filipino version of shrimp fritters. Small shrimps mixed in a batter and fried until crispy. This can be an appetizer, a main dish, or a mid afternoon snack.
BUTCHE is a rice cake made from sweet rice flour that  folded into shape with a sweet paste filling and sesame seed coating.
GULAMAN ENSALADA (SEAWEEDS SALAD)  is a type of Filipino salad that makes use of edible seaweed as its main ingredients.

Filipinos like condiments and fond of dipping on or pairing anything with our dishes. Eating oysters would not be perfect without dipping it into vinegar with chilli, ginger and garlic.

CHICKEN INASAL is a popular dish from the city. It is not marinated or prepared like the usual chicken barbecue found in the rest of the country.

Aside from food and delicacies there are also souvenirs items being sold made by local artists of Silay like ref magnets, key chains made of lutak or clay, wire sculpture of Ian Valladarez.

KAON TA LIWAT SILAY FOOD FESTIVAL is more than just an opportunity to try the Silaynon delectable food and learn about Silaynon culture. This is an invitation for the community and visitors to come, eat and be a part of the celebration. A great opportunity to come out and support our local food business industries as well.

Whether you are a serious foodies or just curious to learn more of the heritage tour this is the event that everyone must look forward to every year and something that everyone should come out and experience.




There is no better way to explore Silay City, Negros Occidental  than our winding, curvy mountains road to Patag and to the majestic view of the Lantawan Peak.  The road going up to Lantawan Peak is clean and surrounded by mountains of green, tall trees and sugar cane plantations that can be seen along the side. Negros Occidental is the Philippines’ major sugar producer, contributing over half to the country’s total production. 




As you approach the top you will be in awe by the beauty and simplicity of rural life. It was a quiet scenic ride all the way up to Lantawan View Silay. At the top, there is a campground and a distance away is the forest seedling of mahogany trees. The mahogany tree (Swietenia mahagoni) is a large tropical tree with a semievergreen growth habit.


Towering Mahogany Trees
Towering Mahogany Trees
Camping Ground

Due to its popularity and known for its view that overlooks the Lantawan Peak, the owner decided to put up an accommodation offering a tent-style accommodations and a basic cottages.  The place has a bathroom for male and female where you can take a shower and a small store that offers small bites for snack.  They have a wide space to park your 4  or 2 wheels service as well.

Dining Fly
Camping Tent


A Frame Cottage


In preserving the beauty of the place, visitors and guests are not allowed to pick flowers and carving trees.






The best part of our road trip was seeing the majestic mountains of Lantawan Peak surrounded by greenery and fresh air was truly amazing. The scenery is so beautiful, no words can describe how I felt that day. I felt I transported into a paradise realm where the Earth is still pure, fresh and nourishing. The view was just so amazing that I stood glued by the beauty of the mountains. I was totally captivated by its grandeur.





Lantawan Peak is the northernmost peak of Mount Silay. The peak is largely uninhabited, especially its back country Southern side. Likely most of the peak of the mountain, Lantawan is largely covered by forest.  The first recorded climb of the peak done by Joseph Victor Magdato, Mark Anthony Maja and John Paul Salcedo who scaled it on October 3, 2005.


Elevation (feet) is 3,442. Latitude: 10 49 58.44″. Longitude: 123 14’9.96″




It was almost late in the afternoon when we headed back to the city, as we descend I saw beautiful flame trees (fire trees, Delonix regia) along the side of the road. It is a flowering tree that grows in many tropical parts of the world, like the Philippines. 



The leaves of the tree look like Fire. It is red, yellow and orange. So beautiful to see. How the shade and the sun connect. It  makes me felt I was in a field of fire.



The sky turned into orange, yellow, red and blue and imagine strolling through these trees with leaves the color of fire. I just wish everything just stop. It was amazing. Orange, yellow, red all different colors  really made me felt warm inside as I said goodbye to this beautiful country side of my home town.


I am going back someday…..


“Sa LOVE, walang bingi, walang bulag, walang pipi…pero TANGA marami”,    “Labs para kang damit na suot ko ngayon. Simple lang pero bagay sa akin”.  

HUGOT SIZZLERS is not your typical fancy restaurant but this place became a hit to the millennial because of their “HUGOT LINES”. 

What is Hugot?

Hugot literally means pull out, but today, it is a trend among the youth. It is a statement or quotation learned from experienced or past romantic relationship so from this, come the term “hugot lines”. Hugot lines are made for fun but sometimes can be a painful truths as well.

Hugot Sizzlers just open up recently but the place is always jam-packed with people. The place is small yet their loyal patrons and fans lauded into the place. It is a perfect place for “Barkadas” friends and couple who are looking for fun of exchanging “Hugot Lines” for a healthy conversations over a cup of coffee or a plate of their mouth-watering sizzling cuisines.

The burnt orange wall with Hugot Sizzlers logo and Hugot Lines has become an Instagram icon  perfect for your selfie or creative shots with friends.

The place is owned by a young entrepreneur and a photography enthusiasts. So don’t be surprised that you will be seeing beautiful and gorgeous Radify Inc. models in the place. Radify Inc. is a social media marketing agency dedicated to offer creative outputs and distinctive results to any marketing campaign. 

This 24/7 establishment at almost any given hour, you will find an influx of hungry customers walking into the establishment because of their budget friendly menu. 

So if you are looking for decent place and cheap food to emote with all your hugot lines, you should definitely visit Hugot Sizzlers.

You can visit their Facebook page at

Disclaimer: All my reviews,thoughts and opinions are my own. I am not paid for my reviews.


Experience Christmas Village in Silay City, its joyful atmosphere with thousands of glittering Christmas lights, colorful lanterns or referred as “parol” in Filipino lingo, creative Christmas decorations and manger displayed all over the plaza that will truly bring you and your family into the perfect Christmas mood. A Nights of Shimmering Lights a great place to meet up with friends, stroll along with family, loved ones and take pictures.





What is Christmas Village? 

The time of the year wherein the communities start making their Christmas lanterns, holiday decor and “Christmas arko” ( arko is a Silaynon symbol for welcome and the hope of the Silaynons for a more progressive future) being displayed in Silay City Plaza for the Yuletide Season to show their craftsmanship and creativity.

This year the participating communities and barangay who are vying for the awards expected to join the theme “Masanag nga Paskwa sa Pag-asenso sang Dakbanwa” ( A Bright Christmas For A Progressive City). Lanterns, Christmas decor and arko are made of recyclable materials and Mountain Dew plastic bottles.











Christmas Village has been a long tradition which started  as early as 1840 with the aim to beautify the plaza and bring together the community during the Yuletide season which continually grown over the years.

Exactly 7:30 P.M. on December 11, 2016 the plaza illuminated with twinkling lights followed by the “Employees Christmas Extravaganza” a show that brings together favorite Disney heroes, princess and villains. After the show was the fireworks display shining in the sky. So beautiful to watch!



I Hope you enjoy my photos of our Christmas Village, and that  every one of you have a very Merry Christmas!


Instagram-famous Russian photographer Murad Osmann has inspired couples from around the world including me his unique Follow Me To project, featuring stunning hands-holding photos in front of famous sites around the globe.

Here is my version of Follow-Me-To-Silay Heritages Houses:

The HOFILENA ANCESTRAL HOUSE residence of the late Manuel Severino Hofilena and his family located in Cinco de Noviembre Street, Silay City, in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines. The home was built by Hofilena for his wife Gilda Ledesma Hojilla, a former Miss Silay, and their nine children. At present, Ramon Hofilena, on of the children and heirs, resides in this ancestral house and personally tours guests who visit his abode.
The HOFILENA ANCESTRAL HOUSE is now considered as one of Silay’s public museums. This house became a heritage house in pursuant to the Board Resolution no. 3 dated April 6, 1993 of the National Historical Institute of the Philippines.
The BALAY NEGRENSE is a museum in Silay City, Negros Occidental in the Philippines, showcasing the lifestyle of a late 19th-century Negrense sugar baron. It is notable for being the first museum to be established in the province of Negros Occidental.
The BALAY NEGRENSE was originally the ancestral house of Victor F. Gaston, a son of Yves Leopold Germain Gaston and Prudencia Fernandez. The elder Gaston credited as one of the pioneers of sugarcane cultivation in this part of the Philippine archipelago. A native of Normandy in France, he married a Filipina from Batangas where he initially began experimenting with sugar production before relocating to Negros.  Built in 1897, the house was constructed when Victor Gaston’s wife died during the time when he was residing in his father’s hacienda. Hacienda Buen Retiro. The structure house Victor Gaston and his twelve children from 1901 until his death in 1927. Left unused by the family, the structure  abandoned in the mid-1970s and fell into despair until one of the heirs, Msgr. Guillermo Ma. Gaston, together with a group of concerned Negrenses formed what would later become Negros Cultural Foundation. In 1992,  Msgr. Guillermo Ma. Gaston donated the Victor Gaston house to the Philippine Tourism Authority ( now known as the Tourism infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority). With donations from prominent individuals and a PHP5,000,000.00 assistance from the Philippine Tourism Authority, the structure  repaired and furnished with period furniture and fixtures. The museum was officially inaugurated on October 6, 1990. Pursuant to Board Resolution No. 1 dated March 8, 1994 of the National Historical Institute of the Philippines ( National Historical Commission of the Philippines), it  listed as a heritage house.
TEODORO MORADA ANCESTRAL HOUSE is a two storey heritage house owned by the family of Teodoro Morada in Silay City in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines. Because of its cultural, and/or historical significance, it is one of the recognized and declared heritage houses of the Philippines by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NCHP).
Abandoned ancestral house in Silay located along Cinco de Noviembre or also known as the BOAT HOUSE.
SEN. JOSE C. LOCSIN ANCESTRAL HOUSE. This heritage house is in the neo-Spanish Mission style popular during the American Period. American concrete  used as the preferred material, with a Mirador or watchtower in the near.



When you are in Silay what would first pop up on your mind? Heritage houses, museums, cultures, arts and history right? But Silay is not just about heritage houses … it is also about CAKES!

ANN CO CAKES offer the best cakes and coffee in town. If you are a coffee lover with a sweet tooth for desserts and an art enthusiasts then this coffee shop will leave you buzzing from their coffee, desserts and ambiance. My partner and I been in this place many times, as this is one of our favorite place to dine out. Ann Co Cakes offers all day breakfast, lunch and dinner as well.

This cozy little café has a very inviting space. The interior decor painted with colorful paintings and art. The goal is to make it look warm, pleasant and friendly while trying to indulge yourself in their mouth-watering cakes which are made in-house with immaculate detail that can only be matched with their genuine smooth brewed coffee.







My gorgeous honeybee!

They also serve hot and cold beverages, variety of cakes and sweet treats. Frozen treats are also available for those who love their cakes chilled.







The café is very accessible as this is located along the national highway in Silay City, located at Margarita Bldg. Rizal Street, Silay City, Negros Occidental with contact number: 09173010938


View of Ann Co Cakes outside at night

I want to add more before I forgot, their staff are very friendly, attentive and accommodating. Service is fast  with nice utensils!

I give this place a score 9 out of 10 if ten is the highest. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Craving coffee yet? make sure you have this coffee shop on your visit list when you travel to Silay!



Why choose Bed and Breakfast? Simply, people who stay at Bed & breakfast remember, because their experience is so unique and special. Innkeepers take great pride in their home, and enjoy sharing it with people who appreciate its distinctive history and personality. Just like the newly open Bed & Breakfast in Silay, The German Unson Heritage House, excel at providing their guests with warm hospitality and that home-away-from-home feeling.

A Brief History of the House:

According to Mr. Rolin Siglos, the House Manager of German Unson Heritage House who is very accommodating and warm enough to give us a tour and show to us the place, the original house was made of wood and built closer to Zamora Street.  Built in 1938 in the Neo-Spanish style popular before World War II, this charming four-bedroom, two storey house is just relatively new to the business, opened its doors to visitors and guests on June 11, 2016. Welcoming  both domestic and foreign visitors, either  coming to the area for a romantic retreat, family vacation, girlfriends’ gateway, or business travel this charming ancestral house will sit your needs perfectly.

What  great in this place is the location. Conveniently located from all the tourist areas ( Silay public plaza, Silay Parish Church, Heritage and Ancestral Houses, Museums), convenience stores, coffee shops, restaurants  and a walking distance from the airport shuttle bus terminal.


Photo  Credit to German Unson Heritage House


Located at No. 5 Zamora Street in Silay City, Negros Occidental, the ancestral house of German Locsin Unson and Fe de la Rama Ledesma Unson  declared a heritage house by the National Historical Institute on April 6, 1993.

Photo Credit to German Unson Heritage House

The home built in 1938 has been completely renovated and allows one to feel like “home”.  Warm hardwood floors, cozy living room, the owner’s antique collections and old family photographs hang on the wall  of the living area on the first floor counts part of the house character rich in history and decor.

Photo Credit to German Unson Heritage House
A veranda downstairs where guest can relax.
Photo Credit to German Unson Heritage House

Mr. Rolin Siglos, said the property has four bedrooms, two downstairs and two upstairs: the German-Fe Room, the Rene Room, the Lourdes Room and the Carmen-Cristina Room. Each room has its own characters that added more beauty and uniqueness for a quiet restful atmosphere and comfortable sleeping accommodations that sure to visually please your taste.

The German -Fe Room the master bedroom on the ground floor named after German Unson and his wife, Fe. It has a king-sized bed, air-conditioning, private  bathroom with hot and cold water, its own sitting dining areas and a study. The room is ideal for couples but can comfortably accommodate a maximum of four person.

The German-Fe Room
The German-Fe Room

The unique features of the German-Fe bathroom are the stepping tub and Fe Unson’s shell collection.

Steeping Tub photo Credit to German Unson Heritage House
German-Fe Bathroom. Photo Credit to German Unson Heritage House
Fe Unson’s shell collection. Photo credit to German Unson Heritage House
The German-Fe Bathroom. Photo credit to German Unson Heritage House.

The Rene Room named after the only son of German and Fe used to be the German’s study/office room. The room has a two single beds, air-conditioning, private bathroom with hot and cold water. The room can accommodate a maximum of three persons.

The Lourdes Room which is named after the eldest daughter known as “Uding” on the second floor had two doubled beds, air conditioning, private bathroom with hot and cold water,  its own sitting and a dinning areas a study. The room is ideal for families and can accommodate up to four persons.

The Lourdes Room
The Lourdes Room

Not like the German-Fe Room instead of having a big bathroom “Uding” wanted to have an office or a study room.

‘Uding” study room / office

The Carmen-Cristina Room  is named after their youngest daughter. Located on the second floor, the room has two singles beds, air-conditioning, private bathroom with cold and hot water,  and a balcony overlooking the front yard garden and  a view of the dome of the Silay Parish Church. The room can accommodate a maximum of three persons.

The Carmen-Cristina Room

Mr. Siglos said they serve home-cooked breakfast included in the price of your room. Breakfast can be served in the privacy of your room or on their comfortable modern but homey dining area on the second floor. However, they don’t offer lunch and dinner but allows guests to bring their food inside. Guests can use the microwave oven to warm their food, coffee machine to brew coffee.

Convenience stores are just walking distance from the place if you need to buy some snacks.



Room rates range from PHP1,800.00 to PHP2,300 including breakfast and a free Wi-Fi access. In order to support the tranquil and intimate atmosphere, there are no televisions and telephone, in  each room.

For bookings or inquiries, please call (034)432-2943 between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. Philippine time or you can send them message through their Facebook page ” German Unson Heritage House”. 

Warm, personalized service and mingling among guests are part of the appeal of bed and breakfasts. If you enjoy the experience of a “home away from home”, having personal attention and expertise of an innkeeper at your disposal, prefer charm over amenities, appreciate rooms that are individually decorated and prefer smaller, more intimate accommodations than a large hotel, German Unson Heritage -Bed and Breakfast is the right place for you. So the next time you plan a visit to Silay, stay in this place. You would definitely love it here!