After spending some time in Ilaya Highland Resort in Patag, the kids and I decided to trek  to PulanTubig Waterfall. Pulang Tubig is one of the beautiful attractions of Patag which is very popular for its beautiful surroundings and unspoilt nature.

You can hire a tour guide for 250php to go trekking to this fall which is about an hour’s trek from Patag.

Patag is a small village that is popularly known as the last stronghold of the Japanese Imperial Forces during the second world war. It is also known as the pre-war site of a hospital for recuperating patients suffering from tuberculosis. It is now the favorite destinations of locals and tourists alike. Due to its altitude the cool weather has remained a perfectly good reason for nature lover to hike to the cool mountains of Patag.

Trekking the fall is quite an adventure and fun. We had to trek through the jungle were a real sight to behold. I love rainforest and jungle. I could not imagine a world where I was not surrounded by the beauty of the trees.


The trek can be arduous at times we needed to wade through the cool water of a stream.


Jumped from one boulders to another. Some of the boulders are also very slippery so be sure to bring footwear with good tread.


Hurdled over green bushes and trees.


Had to be careful while walking along some pretty steep hillsides.


The trek is pretty demanding but manageable amid spectacular views as the scenery continuously changes, traveling to the impressive Pulang Tubig waterfall. After an hour of  gruelling zigzag trek up a rewarding view awaits. One can not hear any sound other than the roar of the falling water. The sight of the water falling in great volume or from mighty height is a beautiful sight.

The beauty and charisma of this waterfall is so immense. Its natural beauty and soothing effect is always exceptionally terrific for almost everyone. I could feel the power, hear the roar of the grandiose waterfall hitting the river. The cool mist sprinkled my skin was truly an encompassing sensory experience.


The waters flowing over the cascade become so irresistible, and you can not help but get inside the waters just for a small dip at least. The entire scene is really hypnotic and pulls you closer.


Nature in its purest form is all we need to heal any worrying and ailing soul. Sometimes this is all we need…. to unplug and connect with nature.